Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Socially Intact Without Pursuit of Fact *RR

Jay Baer, over on “Convince & Convert”, whose blog I frequent just articulated a very interesting theorem as a byline on today’s post. You can read his post by clicking the link above. The question he asked was; “Is Facebook Making Us Stupid?” To which he put forward several common, yet rhetorical, objections to visiting … Continue reading

LinkedIn Playground Rules: Ultimate Community Demonstration

…not sure where I fall…prolly sophisticated, but quiet, people watching cool kid 😉

SMIP and the democratization of content; just like Brian Solis said

Yes, we can interact with these sites from one website!

To manage something is to simply be in place while a thing occurs and looking over it. To micro manage would be to interact, more intently, with higher expectations of tactical results…

LinkedIn Trying To Compete With Facebook?

David Kirkpatrick, over on “the daily beast” posted an article entitled The Other Social Network; consider the excerpt. “LinkedIn just unveiled a dramatic revamp that transforms it from a dry resume service into a serious competitor of Facebook and Twitter”. ~David Kirkpatrick on how it will disrupt the social media landscape.1 I’d like to explain … Continue reading

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