Why Time Warner Should Monitor Their Brand

You know, they may be monitoring their brand, but let’s see how well.

I just got “Time Warner, High Speed, Broadband, Internet” (that should catch the keyword sensors) a couple of days ago and let me tell you. Day 1, it screamed. I was so happy, because I had frontier DSL and it SUCKED. Oh my internets, it went down all the time, literally, it cycled about every hour, so that continuous internet browsing was impossible. I thought smoke signal internet might have been a better option.

But tonight, I was getting frustrated with Road Runner, because they speed had dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. And even though I’ve never had a problem with high-speed, or so rarely that mentioning it would be unfair, I was frustrated. This is 3 days in a row and I only got it 4 days ago! I pay for 10Mbps…which is pretty good from where I’m from. I mean, it’s not fiber, but dang mang, that’s fast inter-tubes!

So I’m on the tech support line trying to figure out if there’s network congestion, or what the problem is. Being the tech guru that I am, I figure they’ll understand that I got a lot of acronyms behind my name and I’ll be in the core router in no time fixin’ this network up. But…I can’t even get to enjoy that fantasy and here’s why…. Firstly, their tech support is so bad, it appears automated. I literally asked, are you a bot. To which it responded, “I am a live person” And with speed that would shame a computer, the BOT [person] responded “where did you buy this router”…I never mentioned I had a router. So I said, B3$t BuY…to which it didn’t respond. Proof that it’s a bot [in my mind anyway]. Then I complain about the speed; the bot tells me to visit a speed test website. They sent me to their Time Warner speed test; to which I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek….Ah hum…this should be rich.  And the speed was incredible; even though my browsing experience, of which I have better than 15 years, felt like ISDN, they told me it was 12Mbps…pictured below. Oh my internets. Maybe this is like one of those things where as you get older “it seems” like things go faster, only in the reverse……….grrrr

Not one to be buttered up with pretty graphics, I headed over to my bag of internet tools at DSLreports.com and did an independent speed test. Pictured here. Notice any difference?

I told him what the speed was, and he responded that, that was good. Then I pasted the DSLreports link; he tells me that the link he shared with me was approved by Time Warner and considered effective….ah hum.

So, what I surmised is that either Time Warner is dumb, [possible] or they think I am [probable]. I hate to start another “united breaks guitars” but dang. This got to be a cruel joke. SO I sit here hoping some internet guru can turn the spigot back on to ludicrous speed!

This is why you need to monitor your brand, because I just cast my vote for Time Warner to leave survivor island, and if enough of us do, they will pay. Brian Solis is right, the power is back in our hands, because I have control over the internet, and truth be told, they have a lot more to lose than I do.

2 Responses to “Why Time Warner Should Monitor Their Brand”
  1. TeddyjackEddylives says:

    Had the same problem with them a couple of months ago. Spoke with 7 people before I could convince them that the problem was with the connection outside my house. Their tier 2 tech support refused to even talk to me. I had to threaten to drop service before I got someone who would listen to me and do what was needed. By the way, what browser were you using? The current version of Firefox will give you slow response time as you describe. I have had to switch to Chrome (temporarily) out of desperation…..

    • I actually was a loyal firefox user until they bloated it…then I switched to Chrome. I can’t deal with latency because of browser software…just seems senseless to me. Though, I like the dev functionality of firefox, sadly chrome offers nothing of the sort.

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