LinkedIn Playground Rules: Ultimate Community Demonstration

So look; it appears like on LinkedIn the rules aren’t much different than on the playground. There are bullies, nerds, pretty girls, quiet ones and gym class heroes. I just had THE MOST interesting interaction with the playground. By the way, not sure where I fall…prolly sophisticated, but quiet, people watching cool kid 😉
Anyway, you can check the content here; How Does Wallace Jackson Answer So Many Questions a Week and Consistently?!

To be totally honest I didn’t even consider for a second that there was anything out of order about my question. Wallace is and has been for quite some time a connection of mine. I think I knew Wallace before he was “THE” [William] Wallace Jackson. He and I used to compete for best answer in certain categories when the ANSWERS function first came out on LinkedIn; he won, but admittedly I didn’t have the cycles or interest to keep it up. Maybe I should’ve.

Anyway, I was utterly surprised at the answers that I got. From the insanely comical like “Unbeknownst to many, but beknownst to me – Wallace is an extraterrestrial and given his superior intellect he is able to accurately answer infinitely more questions than mere humans”.

To, paraphrased; “why are you picking on Wallace?! And that wasn’t even the private messages, those were much more direct.

So, I guess what I take away from this is that we do need to be careful, because whether we know it or not, we do have a reputation and it’s good and bad in a multitude of peoples eyes. Some saw Wallace’s activity as self-serving, while others saw it as useful to the community, albeit limited in it’s value.

What do you think? How much should we care about personal brand or how much should we do to counter-act personal brand issues? Can our personal brand be monitored like that of Businesses?


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