How write interesting content for my blog: 3 easy rules

No mindless blather, no funny anecdotes, simple rules to live by…spoken tersely to drive the point.

1. You’re not original, nothing you’re about to say is new. You might arrange words differently, you might abuse the language more than the next person, you might offer a antagonist view point, but your not original and neither am I. This should save you from quitting early because not enough traffic comes to the site, or you get a lot disengaged comments like, “great post!” Chances are good that if you blog regularly, that means you write regularly and most people get better the more the practice a thing. Chances are good, your content is good, especially since you’re looking at how to make it better. Just keep your sense of self in check and everything else is just mechanics.

2. Your content should focus on a). building a block of a larger over arching story, such as a monologue on life, or social media, or sports, whatever, b). contributing to society without a lack of gain embedded in the message c). communicating emotions without saying “I feel” because honestly no one cares how you feel. They care how they feel and if you can strike a chord with their feelings, they will suddenly care what you feel, why? Because it shows them how they feel! Remember point one, the corollary is that “this ain’t about you bub”, it’s about your readers. Most often I found that the most impressive truths and processes for accomplishing your goals are counterintuitive…like, you have to give to get.

3. Do not be overly intimidated by potential critique and don’t be over bold about how smart you think you are or how you good you are with a turn of phrase. Content must be consistent, succinct, tactically engaging and offer inherent value. Otherwise it’s just weak, mindless blather and we might be better served by grading kindergarten art. And don’t substitute volume for value.

Do it!


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