SMIP and the democratization of content; just like Brian Solis said

I’ve been trying to get my feet wet, trying to get my hands around, trying to build a workflow for this giant behemoth called Social Media. It occurs to me that sometimes, as professionals, we name things in a generic format without giving the slightest thought to how it might be perceived down-line. Now I need to draw a line in the sand and put my finger in the air and see how this democratization of content really works!

It’s said that ancient greek is one of the most, if not the most precise language, and the American form of English the most confusing. I agree, so it’s with pleasure I attempt to counteract the vast and unyielding tide of social and literary ignorance and refine what is meant by SMMP, social media managemant platforms.

But why? Doesn’t that category title make sense…oh yes. It makes sense alright. Except, everything that has to do with touching social media could be considered managing it. To manage something is to simply be in place while a thing occurs and looking over it. To micro manage would be to interact, more intently, with higher expectations of tactical results, hopefully leading to success. Social Micro Management Platforms would have even made more sense if not for the negative connotation of micro-managing. Furthermore, it’s a euphemism for ineptitude, although not polite to mention, to be called middle-management. WHY DO WE continue to use this word?

I’m going to conveniently ignore the why and just do my best to make this world a better place. A place where kids can play in the streets again, boyscouts help grannies across the streets, and parents play with their kids at the park.

So. Without further adieu I present to you, SMIP, Social. Media. Interaction. Platform. What does such a thing do you say? Ah friend, this is where we can interact with the various streams of awesomeness that are present in the huge repositories of cool on the internet. You can tweet, yelp, status update, post, listen, re-tweet, not sure what linkedin is calling their status updater, and all from a single platform [website]. I’m not trying to abolish SMMP, no simply to make a sub-category of it, to be more clear for the average user.

What are some examples of this literary marvel of modern nomenclature? Well, hootsuite and netvibes are tools that I use that fit the definition. You see, because I can interact with various networks all at once. But I’m not trending, I’m not trying to acquire sentiment, I’m not setting up keywords…I’m just interacting with the networks. What was once ignorantly called management, when no real management was occurring, can now more accurately be called interaction. Because I don’t create relationships by managing them, I create them by interaction with real people. And as Solis says, people aren’t consumers, they are people and if we don’t treat them as such, they will find someone who will. (paraphrased, but that’s the meaning I took out of it).

Yes, friends. With triumph, shout it from the hilltops. SMIP! SMIP! SMIP! Ok that sounded more like a tribal chant; don’t do that, I don’t want to haul you out of jail for something I did.


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