Why I Like OneLogin.com

OneLogin.com is a user friendly application and for the IT traditionalist might not seem anymore useful than fancy bookmarks on a webpage. To understand why an application like OneLogin makes sense for companies like Socialmatica, we’ve got to get under the hood of what it looks like to be in a completely virtual office.

They say that wise investors make money when the market goes up and when it goes down. Borrowing from that concept I can demonstrate that there are clear opportunities in a receding economy, in fact there may be more opportunities, because while money may be short, the desire to succeed and bring out the best ideas is quite high. Adam Smith’s law of supply and demand tells us that in this economy, the people who get that, get the gold.

A little background first;

Company’s large and small interact almost entirely on the web today, whether that’s through email, web applications, searching, social networks, etc, they work online. The advent of the digital age has not left us unsurprised at how many functions of our daily lives can be made digital. There are time keeping applications, diet, exercise, crafting, 3D modeling, deep web searching, social networking, virtual second lives….remember when the internet was just informational sites, IRC and BBS? Well today, I interact with at least 25 applications online that all require credentialed access; all of which replace some form of business sensitive technology that used to be a premise based, or installed on a computer. As the Director of IT I certainly need to employ a strong password strategy, not only for safety of our data, but to set a standard that can be communicated to our customers, investors and clients. The necessity however, for strong passwords is often mitigated by the limitations of users memory, or willingness to comply. In a virtual office this threat is much more than a superficial one. Without a centralized access system, there is no way for administrators to enforce policies. While written policies may be necessary and employee handbooks chock full of warnings, they may as well be tissue paper if there is no way to enforce them. Onelogin changes all of this.

Onelogin presents a unique opportunity, unlike your traditional access system, e.g. Active Directory, OneLogin is functionally actionable. That is to say it’s more than an access system, it also provisions access via it’s security features to the common applications that Socialmatica uses with ease. The concern of not being able to control access and security are no longer problems for a completely virtual office. All users can be added, removed, restricted or enabled through a mouse-click. I can also deploy users with limited access and create profiles of applications based on the employee’s role. This takes the best part of the most advanced implementation of an access system like Active Directory and creates a web app out of it. Furthermore it reduces our technology limitations to a simple question of if the applications we desire to implement are webified yet. Since the beginning we have believed in employing a completely web app driven technology foot-print and this results in OneLogin being a cornerstone in our house of virtual technology. Finally, OneLogin gives us the ability to have a single portal, password management, access system and user management strategy, in a user-friendly dashboard for less than you pay for coffee each month.

How is this an opportunity?

Socialmatica is alive today because of a vision. A vision of a world where companies have access to the information they need, before they need it. They can not only optimize dollars spent on marketing, but they can also marginalize former strategies, i.e. guess marketing, and reduce their impact on the bottom line! Socialmatica has the clear and present opportunity to make a small virtual technology investment and turn into a huge return simply because the founders believed that you don’t need to own the technology to make it work for you. We’re not asking theĀ chicken or the egg question of do I buy the technology so I can attract the customer, or do I attract the customer so I can buy the technology, we’re enjoying an omlette while our competitors are busy trying to make last years strategy work this year.

Companies like OneLogin, who provide functional actionable access to common business process are turning up by the hundreds. It’s my belief that if you’re small company and you want to be able to compete, you better buy into the webification of technology and turn your focus on quality goods and services instead of technology.

2 Responses to “Why I Like OneLogin.com”
  1. Jim Weldoin says:

    I love your “Guess Marketing” line. I’m going to blog about that very topic this week.
    Keep a look out…..great overview of OneLogin.
    More people will get a clue.

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