Google, no more.

The thought occurs to me that as we consider the possibility of context based search engines that Google has done two things.

Google has established itself as the search engine leader. Google has also, by way of tradition, locked itself out of the realm of the evolution of new ideas, and perhaps the possibility of shaping a new thought in my mind about their brand. I’m not saying that Google can’t be more than a search engine, it certainly can, and is. What I’m considering is the idea that, perhaps, Google is SO successful at being Google, that they cannot adapt their brand to take advantage of what I’m seeing as an emerging trend; Context Search Engines, or context engines as I call them.

Here are some examples,, and Each of these sites gives you the ability to search for specific data, widgetize the findings and save them for future use. They also search a confined data set, which generally makes the results more interesting. It’s like searching in the drawer for your keys, instead of the whole house. Either they are there are they aren’t.

This will be bloggers, conspiracy theorists and researchers tool of choice, because, you can find what you want and be certain that you searched areas where you thought the information might be found with just a few mouse clicks. The days of trying to use differing search strings only to have google parse your string and return the results it thought you wanted, hopefully have left for the hills. Again the whole idea is to make searching more effective and get the results you’re looking for. I personally believe Google will have a hard time getting hold of the mainstream context engine business.


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