Why I Think Eminem Got His Style From Zack de la Rocha (RATM)

I was listening to Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine today; you know the song. It’s on just about every movie soundtrack now; the Matrix made it famous. It’s the song as the credits begin to roll, when Neo pronounces his amicable judgment on the architect.

Zack delivered a line in the song and I thought, “wow, that sounded ALOT like Eminem, but not all at like his style”.  Then I started thinking about all of his other songs…What I’m describing is his meter. Eminem revolutionized rap music with his hurried meter and protracted rhyming ability. But is this style his own?

Nah, I think Zack did it first with RATM. Now, what obfuscates this is that Zack has SUCH an aggressive delivery that even his words are distorted, as though he was gritting his teeth, or holding the mic way too close. But Eminem conversely has a smooth, uninhibited delivery, yet with what appears to be a free form meter.  But oddly, they seem almost the same to me now.

Take a listen to Guerilla Radio and Then Eminems Latest Single, and tell me if you don’t notice the similarity. Keep in mind, Zack was spittin’ lyrics while Mr. Em was gathering up shopping carts for Super Duper.

I make no representations of these videos, nor their legality, nor their perpetuity, neither do any of their comments represent my views, just a commentary on the music.


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