What Do Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Brett Favre and Facebook All Have In Common?

What we see on display with Facebook is no different than our sports hero’s inability to give up the limelight of fame. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player to have lived, period. But does he want to be defined by how he spent 20 years of his, 70 hopeful years? Or Brett Favre; we love this guys determination and grit, but what else does he need to accomplish? Certainly his grandchildren would love to see Papa more often? Or Lance Armstrong; winning 7 tour de france races wasn’t enough, he had to tempt God one more time to retire, again, but this time instead of a 7 time champion, he placed 3rd.

Facebook is the same thing. It’s the allure that someone cares, that the limelight might shine brightly on me. We hide it well enough, that’s for sure. But if you think about it, how much do people REALLY care about what you had for dinner last night? And that, is the MOST tame and benign of updates. Some people’s updates are so horrific I just hide them automatically.

Do I think Facebook is evil? Nah, not anymore evil than a 1 dollar bill. It’s in the hands of the user. I use facebook to distribute my music, to publish my blog posts, to publish inspiring scriptures and to look at people’s pictures. I think that’s the best use of facebook.

Don’t even get me started on twitter.


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