LinkedIn Trying To Compete With Facebook?

David Kirkpatrick, over on “the daily beast” posted an article entitled The Other Social Network; consider the excerpt.

“LinkedIn just unveiled a dramatic revamp that transforms it from a dry resume service into a serious competitor of Facebook and Twitter”. ~David Kirkpatrick on how it will disrupt the social media landscape.1

I’d like to explain why I believe LinkedIn has never been a competitor to Facebook, or rather perhaps I should say that just like the Amiga game I used to play, where you could joust for fame or for property, called Defender of the Crown; these two companies may battle for fame, but they do not battle for property rights.

Facebook has capitalized on the most pungent odor in Heaven; that’s right, pride. Facebook is based on the brilliant, although not new, idea that if I can convince my users that people actually care what they are doing, saying, thinking, then others will care. None could be more fallacious, but Facebook registrations are are in excess of 500 million with at least 50% of the users logged on at any time during the day2. This miracle of modern humanity is called social networking, in ancient times, like last decade, we called it narcissism. LinkedIn on the other hand provides, their predominately business engaged, constituency with tools to further their career, ability to build a dynamic resume, ability to connect with collegues, friends and business partners. The value of LinkedIn is certainly not a platform to opine my thoughts, but rather to build a truly social network of business people who I can help, or who can help me in my career or to discuss business issues, even if they are socially or politically motivated. The thought that LinkedIn may participate in the truly indulgent form of self-worship is a non-sequitur. LinkedIn is a tool that has enough value in to pay for…to prove that, slap a price tag, any price tag, on facebook and see how long the Facebook throttle stays at 500 million.




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