In the Process of…

I’m trying to get my blog converted over to a new platform; yep, going dedicated. I’m sorry content has been sparse the last couple days, but after a couple more, we’ll be back to full swing! Advertisements

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Socially Intact Without Pursuit of Fact *RR

Jay Baer, over on “Convince & Convert”, whose blog I frequent just articulated a very interesting theorem as a byline on today’s post. You can read his post by clicking the link above. The question he asked was; “Is Facebook Making Us Stupid?” To which he put forward several common, yet rhetorical, objections to visiting … Continue reading

Why Time Warner Should Monitor Their Brand

So, what I surmised is that either Time Warner is dumb, [possible] or they think I am [probable]. I hate to start another “united breaks guitars” but dang. This got to be a cruel joke. SO I sit here hoping some internet guru can turn the spigot back on full thrust!

LinkedIn Playground Rules: Ultimate Community Demonstration

…not sure where I fall…prolly sophisticated, but quiet, people watching cool kid 😉

How write interesting content for my blog: 3 easy rules

You’re not original, nothing you’re about to say is new.

Yes, we can interact with these sites from one website!

SMIP and the democratization of content; just like Brian Solis said

To manage something is to simply be in place while a thing occurs and looking over it. To micro manage would be to interact, more intently, with higher expectations of tactical results…

How To: Mix Music, Use A Compressor, Use Gate

My buddy used to say, when you can hear the hum, you know the rock is coming!

Mobile Social, Mobile Apps; the story of the chicken and the egg

The logistics are now beginning to be in place where companies CAN and SHOULD, to Priya’s point, be developing a mobile social presence.

Google, no more.

…I’m considering is the idea that, perhaps, Google is SO successful at being Google, that they cannot adapt their brand…

Why I Like

… it’s more than an access system, it also provisions access via it’s security features to the common applications…

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