In the Process of…

I’m trying to get my blog converted over to a new platform; yep, going dedicated. I’m sorry content has been sparse the last couple days, but after a couple more, we’ll be back to full swing!

Random Realizations

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Socially Intact Without Pursuit of Fact *RR

Jay Baer, over on “Convince & Convert”, whose blog I frequent just articulated a very interesting theorem as a byline on today’s post. You can read his post by clicking the link above. The question he asked was; “Is Facebook Making Us Stupid?” To which he put forward several common, yet rhetorical, objections to visiting … Continue reading

Time Warner Road Runner Speed Test

Why Time Warner Should Monitor Their Brand

So, what I surmised is that either Time Warner is dumb, [possible] or they think I am [probable]. I hate to start another “united breaks guitars” but dang. This got to be a cruel joke. SO I sit here hoping some internet guru can turn the spigot back on full thrust!

LinkedIn Playground Rules: Ultimate Community Demonstration

…not sure where I fall…prolly sophisticated, but quiet, people watching cool kid 😉


How write interesting content for my blog: 3 easy rules

You’re not original, nothing you’re about to say is new.

Yes, we can interact with these sites from one website!

SMIP and the democratization of content; just like Brian Solis said

To manage something is to simply be in place while a thing occurs and looking over it. To micro manage would be to interact, more intently, with higher expectations of tactical results…

A Little Fun With Mixing

How To: Mix Music, Use A Compressor, Use Gate

My buddy used to say, when you can hear the hum, you know the rock is coming!

...more code than technology.

Mobile Social, Mobile Apps; the story of the chicken and the egg

The logistics are now beginning to be in place where companies CAN and SHOULD, to Priya’s point, be developing a mobile social presence.

The Day The Google Died

Google, no more.

…I’m considering is the idea that, perhaps, Google is SO successful at being Google, that they cannot adapt their brand…


Why I Like

… it’s more than an access system, it also provisions access via it’s security features to the common applications…

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